With Hogwarts Legacy now fully released with the Nintendo Switch port, many new players will be desperate to know how to find the Daedalian Key locations and all 16 House Tokens.


Well, today is their lucky day as that's exactly what we're going to be explaining (if you didn't deduce that from the title of this article).

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We can't say we can blame you for wanting a little extra help what with having to endure the Merlin Trials, find Demiguise statues and solve Herodiana Hall puzzles as well as making your way through the lengthy main story.

Once you have them all, you'll get a very useful reward plopped in your Common Room House Chest and get the Good Samaritan achievement.

So without further ado, let's get cracking!

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How to start Hogwarts Legacy Daedalian Keys and House Tokens quest

Hogwarts Legacy Nellie Oggspire
WB Games / Avalance

You can start searching for House Tokens after talking to Nellie Oggspire in the Transfiguration Courtyard, who will explain Daedalian Keys to you. This will officially start the Daedalian Keys side quest, and the keys will now spawn across the map.

This side quest will be available after the 'Welcome to Hogwarts' main quest, meaning you can start hunting for House Tokens quite early on in the game.

However, the final House Token can't be unlocked until after 'The Caretaker's Lunar Lament' main quest (that's the one tied to Demiguise statues), so you'll have to advance quite far to fully complete this side quest.

What to do with Hogwarts Legacy Daedalian Keys: Minigame and House Token Rewards explained

Hogwarts Legacy Daedalian Key
WB Games / Avalanche Software

Once you find a Daedalian Key, you'll have to follow it to the locked House cabinet in the wall. Once there, you'll have to complete a little minigame in which the key will fly around the lock. You have to 'slap' the key into place once it lines up with the lock hole - you'll do that by pressing Square on PS5 or X on an Xbox controller. This minigame can really test your patience, however. You have been warned!

A useful tip is to cast an Arresto Momentum spell on the chest prior to launching the minigame. This will slow down the key, making the puzzle that bit easier.

Once complete, the House cabinet will open and you can collect a House Token. Collect all 16 House Tokens and you will be able to open the House chest in your common room, which will reward you with a Relic House Uniform (in your House colours of course!).

You'll need to do a bit of lock-picking to access some Daedalian Keys, so you'll need to brush up on Alohomora to access level 1 locks before you can complete this side quest!

Hogwarts Legacy Daedalian Key locations: All 16 House Tokens

Hogwarts Legacy hallway
WB Games / Avalanche

House Tokens don't show up automatically on the Hogwarts map, but luckily you can use Revelio to highlight the Daedalian Keys and House cabinets in blue. Daedalian Keys also leave a golden trail behind them, so don't panic if you lose one!

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All the Daedalian Keys are thankfully located in the castle. Here are the precise locations for each one:

Astronomy Tower - At the top of the Astronomy Tower, as marked by the quest marker after talking to Nellie Oggspire.

Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom - In front of the rhino skeleton at the bottom of the stairs.

Grand Staircase - Fast travel to the Grand Staircase, and then walk down the stairs until you find the Daedalian Key about halfway down.

Bell Tower Courtyard - Fast travel to the Bell Tower Courtyard, then turn left and go up the first set of stairs. Go through the small door, up another flight of stairs and you should see the Daedalian Key.

Great Hall - By the fireplace on the left-hand side as you enter the Great Hall. The cabinet will be up the stairs on the other side of the room.

Quad Courtyard - At the arched entranceway to the Hogwarts area, up the stairs from the dragon fountain.

Potions Classroom - Fast travel to the Potions Classroom, and then go straight through the double doors ahead to find this Daedalian Key.

Central Hall - Fast travel to Central Hall, turn to your right and go up three sets of stairs. The Daedalian Key will be floating underneath the next set of stairs.

Central Hall #2 - Fast travel to Central Hall, go down the stairs in front of you and then head north of the fountain. The Daedalian Key should be on your left when near the Greenhouse doors.

Library - Between two bookshelves in the west part of the library, opposite the restricted section.

North of Great Hall - Fast travel to the Great Hall, then turn around and head through the big double doors and then carry on through the next big gate in front of you. A Daedalian Key will then be flying around the stairs.

Transfiguration classroom - Fast travel to the Transfiguration classroom, then head towards the Hogwarts dungeon. The Daedalian Key will be behind the sleeping dragon statue.

Dungeon - Upstairs from the sleeping dragon statue, the Daedalian Key will be across from the armoured horse.

Faculty Tower - Fast travel to Faculty Tower, then head right through the fancy Faculty Tower door. The Daedalian Key should be floating upstairs. You will need Alohomora to get this Daedalian Key.

Hospital Wing - Fast travel to the Hospital Wing, then go down the spiral staircase. The Daedalian Key will be in the corridor to the right towards the Clock Tower.

Clock Tower - The lowest floor of the Clock Tower area.

If you'd prefer a visual guide of where to go, then you can check out this handy guide below:

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