What's the densest Pokémon? Which Pokémon would save you if you were lost in the mountains? Do Pokémon wear clothes? And what do people eat in the Pokémon world?


All these questions, and many more besides, are discussed in this week's episode of the One More Life gaming podcast. This week's guest is Pokémon Go developer Tim Nguyen.

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Nguyen has had a fascinating career journey, starting out as a swimming coach before going on to become one of the key developers on one of the biggest games in the world.

In the interview, Nguyen explains how he became the Senior Producer on Pokémon Go, and what exactly it takes to keep a massive game like this running.

The conversation also delves into all the weird rumours and surprising facts that surround those pocket monsters. Remember being convinced that Mew was hiding under a truck near the SS Anne? If so, this podcast is for you!

We also find out which starter Pokémon Nguyen would pick from the original three starters, and which iconic creature he considers his all-time favourite Pokémon.

This was a really fun chat, so please do give it a listen! And don't forget to leave a rating or a review on your podcast app of choice. It can't hurt to tell a friend about it either. Just saying...

As well as working endlessly on Pokémon Go's live game, Nguyen is a huge fan of the iconic critter-catching franchise, and he's a big lover of the Zelda series and Halo too.

Returning listeners will know that we also go deep into Nguyen's own gaming habits. Is he a console person or does he prefer PC? Would we find him on a gaming chair or a sofa? And what snacks and drinks does he like to surround himself with during a gaming session?

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