Gaming can take you on all kinds of different journeys, and this week's guest on the One More Life podcast has certainly taken a unique route through the world of interactive entertainment.


Our latest interviewee on the podcast is Jason Kingsley, CEO of Rebellion Developments (Sniper Elite, Zombie Army, Judge Dredd), who shares the amazing journey that gaming has taken him on.

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He started out on the arcade machines, playing until his hands bled, and he ended up in Buckingham Palace receiving an OBE from King Charles (who was still Prince Charles at the time).

Although his parents weren't sure that gaming would provide a stable career, Jason went on to found a company with his brother that would employ hundreds of people and produce new titles ever year.

In this wide-ranging interview, Jason shares anecdotes and insights from 30 years (and counting) of indie game development.

Explaining the current strategy at Rebellion, Kingsley said: "We typically try and do roughly half to two-thirds sequels, and roughly a half to one-third new original projects. That's the idea, in the game space. That's the sort of broad brushstrokes of what we try to achieve."

But what have Kingsley and his team got on the docket at the moment? Are all of their future plans shrouded in secrecy, or is there anything he's allowed to tease?

"They are all shrouded in secrecy," Kingsley admitted, but he did give us a nice preview of one particular project.

Kingsley told us: "So we've got one project, which is an original, a new IP, which I won't announce yet because we actually don't have a name for it, so we can't really tell you.

"But it's a fun sort of an action adventure title. We are hoping to have that finished before Christmas, this Christmas, but it won't be ready to be released until sometime around the middle of next year.

"So that's exciting, because that's a bit more of a departure for us. It's still an action adventure game, but it's sort of an exploring kind of game, genre still science fiction. And then there's others which haven't been announced either.

"But yeah, we try to do one big game a year. That's the plan."

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