Christmas is getting closer, and that can only mean one thing where Soapland is concerned - not long to wait until EastEnders unveils its whodunnit murderer - and the victim!


While the only thing we currently know for sure is that the character set to be killed during the festive season is male, there are plenty of clues stacking up.

Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) hasn't exactly been making friends since his shock return to Walford last year, and it's only natural that we suspect the victim to be someone who's up to no good.

So read on as we delve into all the clues that might see Keanu meet his maker come Christmas Day...

Is Keanu Taylor the dead body in EastEnders at Christmas?? All the clues and theories

Keanu staged the kidnapping of Albie

Letitia Dean as Sharon Watts in her bridal gown with bouquet opposite Danny Walters in a suit as Keanu Taylor at the altar for EastEnders.
Will Sharon and Keany say 'I do'? BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

Arguably the relationship on the biggest rollercoaster this year has been 'Sheanu', with Sharon and Keanu initially denying their passion, getting together, getting engaged, and splitting after Sharon helped Lisa Fowler (Lucy Benjamin) leave the country with Keanu's daughter Peggy, before they eventually reconciled.

However, the pair's romantic reunion and subsequent engagement see them both hiding secrets, but Keanu's is criminal.

Keanu staged the kidnapping of his 'son' Albie Watts to stop him and his mum from moving to Abu Dhabi, even letting Sharon think he had been taken by sick and twisted criminals.

In reality, Keanu and Karen had hidden Albie at the house of her sister Kandice, with Phil giving Sharon the steep ransom money that in reality had been demanded by Keanu for Albie's safe return.

Eventually, Sharon had Albie back and reunited with Keanu, but remained unaware of the truth.

However, Phil soon discovered the Taylors in possession of his money and confronted them - but Keanu let his mother Karen take the whole blame, feigning ignorance, and driving her to flee the Square.

With this horrific secret hidden from Sharon, will the truth out on their wedding day and drive Sharon to murder?

The tagline was, after all: "Men - may they get what they deserve!"

Karen Taylor's exit

Lorraine Stanley as Karen Taylor wearing a denim jacket, smiling into camera
Lorraine Stanley as Karen Taylor. BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

Keanu also committed a cardinal soap sin - he mistreated his mother!

Karen Taylor departed Walford with partner Mitch Baker, her grandchildren Mia and Mackenzie, and Mitch's daughter Bailey, taking the ransom money for Albie from Phil with them.

This occurred after Keanu scapegoated his mother for his unhinged staged kidnapping and let her take the fall for him.

With sister Bernie aware of his betrayal, will this come back to haunt Keanu and could be another reason why his fate is sealed?

Albie's real father

Letitia Dean as Sharon Watts, looking at a letter in EastEnders
Sharon is hiding the truth of Albie's paternity. BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

Sharon is also hiding a secret of her own from Keanu following Albie's kidnapping - he is not Albie's father, instead, it is her ex-husband and his former love rival, Phil Mitchell.

Keanu has put aside his family, morals, and previous good character in a bid to secure a future with Sharon and Albie at any cost.

If Keanu learns that Albie is not his child and that Sharon has lied all this time, could Keanu's temper explode and lead him to lash out at Sharon, prompting her or one of The Six into action?

This is a timebomb waiting to explode.

Killer threat from Phil Mitchell

Steve McFadden as Phil Mitchell reacting angrily to Danny Walters as Keanu Taylor in EastEnders.
Steve McFadden as Phil Mitchell reacting angrily to Danny Walters as Keanu Taylor in EastEnders. BBC

Keanu spilt Phil's cheating secret to Alfie Moon (Shane Richie). But with Alfie distracted by his cancer diagnosis, he agrees to keep quiet so long as Phil protects his new wife Kat (Jessie Wallace) and the sons she shares with Alfie. But Phil later threatened to kill Keanu if he told Kat.

Now, just because there's a group of female characters, dubbed 'The Six', stood over the dead body in the flashforward scene, that doesn't mean one of them is the killer. Perhaps by Christmas, Kat has learned about Phil's infidelity, leading Phil to hunt Keanu down and end his life out of revenge.

Leaning into this theory, Keanu is then found by Sharon, explaining our early thoughts that she is connected to the murdered soul.

Clashes with Dean Wicks and Nish Panesar

Martin Fowler stops an altercation between Keanu Taylor and Dean Wicks in EastEnders.
Martin Fowler stops an altercation between Keanu Taylor and Dean Wicks in EastEnders. BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

Recent weeks have seen Keanu clash with two other top suspects for the body: Dean Wicks and Nish Panesar.

Dean has publicly made digs about Keanu and his family, while Keanu has publicly called out Dean's rape of Linda - exposing his sick behaviour to his dying daughter, Jade Masood.

Meanwhile, Nish's humiliation of Bernie in the Queen Vic saw Keanu's temper flare up, highlighting past issues when Keanu was involved in the Panesar family's criminal enterprises.

With this in mind, if Keanu does turn out to be the body on the floor, could either Dean or Nish be framed for his murder?


EastEnders,25-12-2023,6825,Keanu Taylor (DANNY WALTERS),****EMBARGOED TILL THURSDAY 7TH DECEMBER 2023****,BBC PUBLIC SERVICE,Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron
Will Keanu Taylor soon meet his maker - or leave Walford in another way? BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

On-set images published by The Sun from on-location filming at a church with Danny Walters and co-star Jacqueline Jossa and then of Walters alone at an airport, seem to show Keanu alive and well after Christmas, perhaps depicting him fleeing the country.

However, given that EastEnders has utilised on-set images as red herrings before, could this be an elaborate ruse?

Well, either way, we cannot see Keanu staying in Walford for much longer...

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