Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb) was left pleading for his life in tonight's Emmerdale (21st December 2023), as ex Chloe (Jessie Elland) and her gangster father Damon Harris (Robert Beck) left him at their mercy.


Damon kidnapped Mack and tied him to a chair in a disused factory, while at his home, the oblivious Chloe quizzed her dad on the hold up over the fake passports for her and baby son Reuben. When she tried to head out, Damon insisted on doing everything for her to keep her safe.

Paying Mack another visit, Damon taunted him with food before allowing him to drink some water. When Mack urged the man to let him go, Damon said he would only do so if Mack vowed to stay away from Chloe and Reuben for good.

Naturally, Mack refused, still as desperate as ever to be with his little boy. Damon, however, pointed out that he held all the cards. With a weapon in hand, Damon laughed as Mack lost patience and blurted out that he regretted being with Chloe at all, and made the mistake of branding her a "psycho".

Mackenzie Boyd tied and bound to a chair in Emmerdale in a dark tunnel
Mackenzie Boyd tied and bound to a chair in Emmerdale. ITV

Using the weapon to strike Mack, Damon made another demand that he must forget about Reuben in exchange for his life.

Meanwhile, Chloe got a voicemail from Mack's worried wife, Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins), who was sure something had happened to Mack. When Damon returned, Chloe forced him to admit what he had done, and took her to see Mack.

A cool and calm Damon read out a document declaring that Mack would waive his rights to Reuben, and tried to convince Chloe that they had to make Mack sign it, or make him disappear - permanently.

A bloodied Mack tried to reason with Chloe, who finally revealed that she knew all about him leaving her for dead, and sleeping with Charity long before he walked away from her!

With Mack's fate now in her hands, Chloe picked up the piping Damon had been using as a threat, and tried her best to look menacing. But her mask soon slipped as she got emotional during a private confrontation with the father of her child.

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Mack promised that he had never wanted rid of Chloe, and urged her to think about Reuben before she took action.

"Let me go, because I'm not getting out of here alive unless you do," he told her.

What will Chloe do next?

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