It's the sunshine-fuelled Made in Chelsea spin-off we've all been waiting for - and finally, Made in Chelsea: Sydney has landed on our screens.


The new series will unfold across this coming week, with five episodes set to follow our core group of SW3 socialites as they take a break in Sydney – but, of course, there's plenty of drama in store.

While we know that the series isn't set to get off to the smoothest of starts for Sam Prince and Yasmine Zweegers, it looks as though the pair are hoping to reconcile in the show's second episode.

In an exclusive teaser clip to, the pair are enjoying an evening drink together, with Sam confessing that it's "good to see" Yas, who doesn't seem to believe him.

She makes a dig at Sam, saying he's got "lots of other friends on the island", obviously in reference to a female friend he's been socialising with while down under.

They agree to speak about things and their "fresh start", as Sam puts it, as well as the mystery girl in question.

"She's an old friend, she used to live in Fulham [...] I'm allowed to have girl mates," Sam tells Yas.

"I'm allowed to have guy friends, but I'm not sketchy about it. You're embarrassing me," Yas says. "It's just sketchy."

As Yas adds that she doesn't deserve to be treated like this, Sam apologises, but puts his foot down and admits that he's tired of living in limbo when it comes to their relationship status.

"We either be together - we either be committed to each other, we either stop doing all the stuff we have done, and I'm willing to say sorry about what I've done. We either go for it or we leave it," Sam says.

Talk about a confrontation, right? You can watch the clip above, but as for what Yas will say in response, we'll have to tune in and see.

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Fans of the show will know, though, that wherever this couple is concerned, it's never the easiest of relationships.

The pair first tested the romantic waters while in Corsica, with the group definitely reacting in a major way to the news, especially so soon after Sam and Inga Valentiner's relationship break-up.

Well, with Inga no longer in the immediate Made in Chelsea landscape, it seems as though Sam and Yas could be using their Sydney getaway to mend broken bridges - but we're sure there are plenty of ups and downs in store over the course of the remaining Made in Chelsea: Sydney episodes.

Made in Chelsea: Sydney began on Monday 18th December at 9pm on Channel 4.

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